New Wealth Acceleration System

The Benefit Advantage Wealth Acceleration System is a dynamic collection of tools and strategies that the wealthy have used for generations that enable members to crush their debt in record time, protect their assets and build real wealth.

Benefit Advantage members each have a Benefit Concierge that helps them identify the best strategies for their unique situation, goals and resources. Your Benefit Concierge will connect you with specialists to implement your dynamic Wealth Acceleration System.

Equity Accelerator

Crush your debt in record time! This debt elimination program allows members to use proven and tested principles to optimize the way banks work to make their money work better for them and enables members to become debt free in record time. See how quickly you could be debt free!

Wealth Wave Strategies

Members enjoys world class financial education and planning. Implement tools and strategies that the wealthy have used for generations to build real wealth and protect it from taxes and market loss. How financially literate are you? 43% of all Americans can’t answer the most basic questions about how money works.

Real Estate Concierge

We’re always striving to lead the field in service, innovation, and consumer education. As a buyer or seller in today’s market, you need a trusted resource that can guide you through the complex world of real estate. Members enjoy the the best and most timely information when they need it.

More Benefits & Advantages

VIP Perks!

Making life a little more affordable with a savings program is something every member will truly value. We’ve teamed up with the Best in Class. Entertainment® is the North American leader in providing members significant savings on the things they love to do: dine, shop, travel and play. Watch the video to learn more.


Legal Shield

Get legal assistance for whatever you need as often as you need it from a top law firm that’s eager to help you. Get help with everything from writing letters and reviewing documents, to traffic violations and trial defense. Includes most pre-existing legal issues, lawsuits, becoming a plaintiff in a civil suit and contested family matters such as divorce and adoption. 

Voluntary Benefits

At Colonial Life, we help you protect all that you’ve worked to build. During challenging times, our voluntary benefits can help provide financial security. We’re there to help every step of the way – with convenient, professional service. Quickly file a claim or manage your account by logging in to our secure website.

For Small Businesses, Benefit Advantage can help your employees in five main areas.

  1. Health Benefits help cover out of pocket health care expenses
  2. Dynamic Life Insurance Solutions
  3. Retirement Planning & Financial Services
  4. Legal Benefits & Identity Theft Protection
  5. Save money on the things they buy every day

Join the team! Become a Benefit Concierge.

  1. Performance Based Compensation
  2. Flexible Schedule (FT/PT/ST)
  3. Apprenticeship Style Training
  4. Leadership Opportunities

Next Steps...

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